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Do You Hate Cheap Crap?

At Discovery Computers, we admit it – computers can be a PAIN. Buying a new computer is confusing and keeping it running properly can be even more frustrating.

What if there was a Different Way to buy a computer?

At Discovery Computers, we do things differently. We are NOT a generic computer retailer. We are specialists and what we specialize in is reducing stress. We have a perspective that we think makes a lot of sense – and so do our customers.

What you’ll Discover

When you come into Discovery Computers, here’s what you’ll find: you’ll notice that we don’t stock every brand of computer under the sun – and we do that on purpose.

We’re going to let you in on a little SECRET – All computers are NOT created equal!

So, why waste time looking at them all and hoping you pick the right one. Instead, what we’ve done is remove the confusion and the stress. We already know which laptops and computer components are the most reliable and have the best warranties. We have a good selection of those in the store – ready to go.

Drop by any time and we’ll help you find exactly what you need, without the stress.

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Computer Service

serviceNeed Computer Service? Bring your computer to our in-store service center today.

Custom Desktops

towerAll of our desktops are custom built, so you can get exactly what you want.


asusLaptops from Asus and MSI. The best value for your money.


ASUS-GTX780All the parts and service you need to upgrade your computers.