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Want to Stop Windows 10 Upgrade?

If you don’t want Windows 10 to install itself automatically, we can help stop that for you. Just click on the Chat and request a remote service.

Local HelpDesk Now Available

Wish you could get on-line help from a local computer company that you trust? Well now you can! Discovery Computers now has a remote HELPDESK, handled by the guys right here in Lethbridge.

Walk-in Service Now Available.

Having a small problem with your computer that you’re pretty sure could be fixed quickly if only you had a little help? Come by and see Andrew, Kyle and Rick and if there’s room on the bench, we’ll see if we can help you on the spot and get you on your way.

We want YOUR opinion and ideas

Hello everyone. This is Rick LaPlume, owner of Discovery Computers in beautiful Lethbridge, Alberta. We’ve been selling high quality computers (and repairing 1000’s of other computers) in Lethbridge for over 10 years now. In that time, we have always tried to provide what we believe people want in a computer store.  Well, we want to test our […]

It’s time

Still using Windows XP? Yes, it was a great version of Windows in it’s day, but let’s face it, that day is past! If you don’t want to make the leap to Windows 8 (especially for businesses), we have laptops in stock with Windows 7 (most like your old faithful Windows XP). If you need […]

Crap Cleaning

Have you been tricked into installing so-called “registry fix” and “Speed up my PC” programs? Did you notice they don’t help?! – and now you want to get rid of  them but you don’t know what to keep and what to get rid of. Simple solution – bring it in for a CRAP CLEANING and […]


Did you know we do VHS to DVD transfers? We can also transfer from other camera tape formats, as long as you can provide the camera to play the tape. Preserve your memories and have copies available.

Where to get Windows 7 computers

Do you need a new computer with Windows 7? We’re finding that the majority of businesses, and most home users as well,  still prefer to have Windows 7 computers. Since we custom build all of our desktop computers, we can built it with Windows 7 to meet your needs. We also still have stock of […]

The end of XP?

Still running Windows XP? Microsoft has been supporting it for over 12 years but on April 8, 2014, that support will end. What that means is that your system will still run, but it will no longer receive any updates from Microsoft, so you may become more vulnerable to problems. Also, if you’re using Microsoft […]